What is TAKU Retail?

Find out how TAKU Retail works, what it can do for your retail business, and what makes it different from other retail management solutions.

TAKU Retail is a cross platform retail software. It allows merchants to sell everywhere and anywhere from a single software.

If you own a physical retail store and/or sell online, you can use TAKU to:

  • Sell on every platform: Sell in-store, online, and on social media using just one software.

  • Real-time inventory management: Manage inventory anywhere you sell or keep your products.

  • Easily manage customer data: Collect and manage customer data across multiple channels.

  • Get consolidated sales metrics: See analytics across all channels of your business, both individually and your entire business as a whole

  • Add new locations with a few clicks: Unlike other systems, TAKU was designed to make it easy for owners to easily add stores. Share real-time data and history across all locations without expensive workarounds.

  • Increase sales with different fulfillment options: Offer flexible delivery and pickup options to increase sales, such as local delivery, store pickup, and shipping.

Who Uses TAKU Retail?

  • Retailers with heavy inventory volumes.

  • Merchants looking to drive foot traffic.

  • Multi-location retailers.

  • Retailers selling on multiple channels.

Is TAKU Retail the right choice for you? Contact our retail experts if you have questions and would like to find out if our solution is right for you.

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