Adding Commercial Accounts (B2B)

This article will show you how to add new Commercial accounts to TAKU

Commercial accounts are an efficient way to keep track of your B2B transactions and customer management. TAKU Retail allows you to create a profile for your business customers. This article will guide you on how to add commercial accounts.

The following steps will guide you through the process of activating, editing, and adding a commercial account.

Go to Account > Commercial Accounts

The Commercial Accounts page will open where you can edit or add commercial accounts.

Adding a Commercial Account

There are two methods of adding a commercial account. You can add the account by clicking on the New Commercial Account button indicated by the "+" or by clicking Add Row.

New Commercial Account

  • The New Commercial Account will open a page where you can enter the details of the commercial account.

  • Under Commercial Details enter the company name, business number, website address, and contact information. You can add multiple fields by clicking the Add New button in each section.

  • Under the Account Details section you can add an account type, account group, tax ID, tax category, credit limit, and tags.

    NOTE: Account Code will automatically be generated

  • Under Account Type, you can set this commercial account as a customer, supplier or both from the options in the dropdown menu.

  • Once you have completed entering all the required information, click the Save button to save the new commercial account.

Add Row

  • The Add Row button will insert a row into the Commercial Accounts table where you can enter the details of the commercial account. This will also enable edit mode for the Commercial Account section

  • You can enter the details of your new commercial account in the fields in each column.

  • Once you have entered the details of your commercial account click the Save All Button the the top right corner of the Commercial Account section.

Viewing a Commercial Account

To view the details of an existing commercial account, click the View button at the left most column of the table.

This will open a page with all the details of the selected commercial account.

Editing a Commercial Account

Edits to an existing commercial account can be made by clicking the Edit button at the top left corner of the Commercial Account section

This will put the section into edit mode and you can directly make edits in the commercial account table.

You can also click View to open the details of the commercial account

You can make edits to the information on the commercial account in the Commercial Account page.

To save all changes click the Save button.

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