How to Sell on Every Channel with TAKU

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Here are a few key things to help you understand how TAKU Retail works:

  • Built for multi-channel retailers, TAKU allows you to sell in-store and online with one software

  • TAKU is a cloud software - you can use it anywhere with just an internet connection.

  • It works on any device so you don’t have to replace your existing hardware.

  • It helps multi-location and omnichannel retailers sell everywhere and anywhere easily.

  • You can manage your entire retail business (no matter how many locations or channels) from a single dashboard.

  • TAKU includes marketing integrations to help physical retailers increase foot traffic

TAKU helps you sell wherever your customers are - whether that’s in-store, online, or on social media.

Selling on every channel

  1. Upload your products once and sell everywhere. Once you have uploaded your products to TAKU, you can start selling in-store, online, and on social media.

  2. Get real-time inventory updates: manage stock across all locations and channels while keeping shoppers happy by minimizing stock-outs.

  3. Manage customer data across every channel: manage customer data across different sales channels

  4. Take advantage of marketing integrations to sell more. You can use TAKU”s free Google integration to get your products on Google and target nearby shoppers who are looking for products you sell

  5. Get consolidated sales metrics and reporting: see analytics across all channels of your business, both individually and across your entire business as a whole.

What features can I get with each plan? For the outline of the key features in each plan, please see our plans and pricing here.

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