How to Park or Suspend a Transaction

This article will guide you on how to park or suspend a transaction during a sale.

Parking transactions is a feature that allows you to save an invoice as a draft and recall it at a future time. It is particularly useful in busy stores where shoppers may need to step out of line temporarily. Essentially, it allows cashiers to keep lines moving by helping other customers first without needed to re-enter the products on the suspended sale when the shopper returns to the line.

  1. At any time while adding products to the salesscreen, click on the "Park" button located under the Invoice Note section.

Once you click on the "Park" button, a confirmation screen will appear, asking you to confirm whether you do want to Park the current invoice or not. Click the "Yes" button to proceed and park the transaction.

If the transaction was parked without any issues, the system will display a "Service Message" at the top right corner of the screen, letting you know that the transaction was saved successfully.

Note: When suspending or parking a sale, line items, the associate account and invoice notes are saved. To prevent confusion with payments, tender details will not be saved and will need to be recorded again. Generally, it only recommended to suspend or park transactions without any payments yet.

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