Adding the "About Us"

To enable the About Us option:

  • Go to your store Control Panel > Under Configuration, go to Settings > Legal

  • Scroll down to the About Us section and click the Add Page button.

  • In the following box, enter the information you would like to display when your customer click the "About Us" option on the website.

Then, at the bottom of this page go to Page settings, where you are able to change the wording (page title) of the "About Us" clickable link to access the About Us section. You may also change the link address by clicking "Specify address of existing page".

NOTE: By default, the page link for About Us is found at: .com/products/pages/about

When you are done, click Save in the top right and you may scroll back to the top of the page and click "Open Page" which will take you to preview the About Us website page.

The page title which was setup previously can now be found at the footer of the page, and clicking it will now link to the About Us section.

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