Pairing TAKU Terminals

  1. Go to Apps > My Apps > TAKU Pay.

  2. Click on Location Setup.

  3. Click View on the location to see the details of where you will be pairing the terminal(s).

  4. Go back to the TAKU Pay Locations page.

  5. Click Terminals.

  1. Click the “+” button to add a terminal.

  2. In the Terminal Name field, assign a friendly name to the terminal (i.e. Till 1).

  3. Select the TAKU Retail station to which the terminal will be paired.

  4. Select the Device Type of the terminal (i.e. S1F2 or AMS1).

  5. Enter the 12 digit Serial Number of the terminal in the Serial Number field.

  6. Enable the Active checkbox.

  7. Save when finished.

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