Creating / Editing Tender Types

This guide will show you how to set and edit tender types in TAKU Retail. You can add or edit tender types according to your business needs.

The following steps will guide you through the process of editing and adding tender types.

  1. Go to Settings > Zones > Current Zone

2. Click the Tender Types card.

3. The Zones Tenders page will open. Tender types are preset and enabled for US and Canada.

Adding a New Tender Type

  1. To add a new tender type, click the Add Row icon at the top right hand corner of the Tenders section. This will insert a new empty row in the table.

2. Select the Tender Type from the drop down menu in the Tender Type column.

3. Enter a tender name under the Tender Name column. This name will appear on your sales register, receipts, and invoices.

4. Fill in Currency and Transaction Type.

From the drop down menu select the Currency for this tender type under the Currency column.

Transaction Type is an important field for Tenders in TAKU. It allows you to control what type of transaction is allowed for every tender type. For every tender type, it is possible for a merchant to use it in the following ways:

1) Sales Charge (Receive payment e.g. sales)

2) Sales Payback (Pay out money e.g. petty cash)

3) Sales Returns (Pay out money e.g. refund)

5. Select the Transaction Type for this tender type from the drop down menu in the Transaction Type column. You can select multiple transaction types.

6. Click the cell to enter the Percentage Fee for this tender type under the Percentage Fee column, if not applicable, enter 0.

7. Click the cell to enter the Flat Fee for this tender type under the Flat Fee column, if not applicable, enter 0.

8. Once all details have been correctly added, click the Save All icon to save the new tender type.

Editing Tender Types

  1. To make changes to the tender types, click on the Edit icon at the top left side of the Tenders section.

2. The Tenders section will go into Edit Mode indicated by the yellow (Edit Mode) next to the title in the header of the section. Now you will be able to make changes inline (directly into each row) to the existing tender types inside the table.

Note: For keep proper transaction history, tender types cannot be deleted once they have been used in any transaction. Any used tender type that is no longer needed can be disabled.

3. To enable or disable a tender type, add or remove the checkboxes under the Is Enabled column while you are in Edit Mode.

4. Click the cells in the table to edit the details of a tender type, such as, Tender Type, Tender Name, Currency, Transaction Type, Percentage Fee, and Flat Fee.

5. Once changes have been made, click the Save All icon to save the edits.

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