Receipt Builders

This guide will show you how to customize your full page and tape sales receipts.

TAKU Retail allows you to customize your sales receipts to better fit your business needs. The guides below will help you set up your receipt formats to include the information you want and hide the information you don't want. You can create a full page receipt, a tape receipt, or both. You can setup the formats for both full page and tape receipts in the receipt builder. These settings will be applied to your receipts when you choose to print on tape or full page.

To format your receipts go to Stores > Current Store

Selecting Current Store will open Current Store Settings. You can set up full page receipts or tape print receipts by clicking on the respective cards Sales Receipt Builder (Full Page) or Sales Receipt Builder (Tape).

The receipt builder has three tabs for three sections of the receipt: store, transaction, and payment. By clicking on the tab you can change the details of each section of the receipt by changing the toggle to ON or OFF for each option. A preview of your changes will show in the sample receipt on the left side of the screen.


Under the Store tab you will be able to add or remove:

  • Logo

  • Store Name

  • Website

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Address


Under the Transaction tab you will be able to add or remove:

  • Doc #

  • Date

  • SKU

  • Discounted Price

  • Barcode

  • Original Price

  • Line Items

  • Tax Acronym


Under the Payment tab you will be able to add or remove:

  • Tender Details

  • Penny Rounding

Note: Settings for locked options cannot be changed.

Remember to save any changes you make by clicking the yellow Save icon in the top right corner before you exit the page.

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