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Learn how to connect to Facebook and upload your entire online store catalog in a few clicks.

Why sell on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that exist today with more than 2.45 billion monthly active users. Now, merchants are able to sell directly on the site with Facebook Shop - giving customers an easy way to browse and purchase products.

Facebook Shop has expanded a great deal in the last few years and is used in 70 countries by 800 million people monthly, making it the perfect opportunity for retailers to sell online. Selling on Facebook can help you break into new markets, connect with more customers, and ultimately boost your sales.

Merchant requirements

Before you can start selling on Facebook, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a published Facebook page. Learn more about Facebook pages here and find out how you can create a page here.

  • Your Facebook account must have an admin role.

  • The products you sell can’t be free and must require shipping.

  • Your store’s default currency is supported by Facebook.

  • Your products comply with Facebook Commerce Policies and Guidelines for listing products

  • Your products comply with Facebook Commerce Policies and Guidelines for listing products

Connecting your store to Facebook

  1. From your TAKU eCommerce dashboard, click on “Sell on Facebook” under “Sales Channels”.

2. Now select, “Connect Facebook Page”. You will be redirected to Facebook. Once Facebook verifies your account details, you must select your store’s Facebook page and click on the “Save” button. Again, you will only be able to connect a Facebook page if you have admin access. Remember: you can only connect one Facebook Business page per TAKU eCommerce account. Multiple Facebook pages will require multiple TAKU eCommerce accounts.

3. Accept the Facebook Merchant Commerce Terms.


Once you follow these three steps, TAKU eCommerce will sync all enabled products to Facebook. After the products are uploaded, merchants must wait for Facebook to review their store before they start selling and marketing. In the meantime, you check your review status under the “Pending Review” tab.

Remember: Although you may see your store’s products appear on the Shop section of your page, it does not mean that Facebook has verified your information. Your customers will not be able to see any of your products before the reviews process is complete.

Managing your products

TAKU eCommerce will automatically sync your product catalog every 12 hours once you have uploaded your products onto your Facebook page. This will ensure that your product information and stock levels are always up to date.

When you make changes to product details in your store’s dashboard such as editing a product description, changing an image, updating a price etc., this will automatically be updated on your Facebook page the next time your page is synced.

But if you need to update your product information immediately, you can manually resync by clicking “Sync Products”.

Listing Products and Collections


Here’s how product listings work with TAKU eCommerce:

  1. All products that you mark as “enabled” will automatically appear on your Facebook Shop page.

  2. However, any products that are marked as “enabled” but assigned to a disabled category will not appear on your Facebook Shop page.

  3. Products that are marked as “disabled” will not be sent to your Facebook Shop page and therefore won’t be displayed.

  4. Products that are marked as “enabled” that are featured on your Store Front page will be uploaded to the Featured Products section on Facebook.

Note: Facebook allows 20 images per product. TAKU will upload the first 20 photos from the product’s gallery.


  1. Similar to TAKU categories, products are organized into collections on Facebook Shop. All top level categories will become collections. Any products from sub/child categories will be grouped under a top-level category(or collection) on your Facebook Shop.

  2. Collections are automatically created from top-level categories in TAKU when you connect your ecommerce store.

  3. New and/or custom collections can’t be created and existing collections can’t be edited on Facebook.

  4. If you want to hide or show a collection, enable or disable the category on TAKU. If you want to sort the products within a collection, you must sort the products within the category on your TAKU store.

The Checkout process

Facebook Shop does not have a shopping cart. So when customers are ready to checkout, they will be taken to your checkout page on your TAKU website. This means that shoppers can only buy one product at a time.

Customers will automatically receive confirmation emails about their orders. You can view any orders by going to your TAKU dashboard, clicking on “My Sales” under Store Management”, and then “Orders”.

When a customer places a new order on Facebook, you will get an email and a push notification from TAKU.

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