🛒Sales & Returns

This section covers the functionality and operations of the Sales Register and processing returns.

The following guides give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the features in TAKU Retail to process and edit transactions, park a transaction, apply a line discount, and process returns. The Sales Register has many features to allow you to customize your sales transactions to best fit your business needs.

For more information on creating a seamless checkout process, you can refer to our TAKU Retail blogs.

pageHow to Make a SalepageViewing & Selecting Line ItemspagePrice Editing during a SalepageHow to Return in the Return ScreenpageApplying Line DiscountspageClearing the SalesscreenpageDeleting a Line Item during a SalepageHow to Park or Suspend a TransactionpageRe-opening a Suspended or Parked TransactionpageCreating Products during a SalepageCreating Accounts during a Sale

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