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Find out how to sell products on Instagram with tagging.

How it works

TAKU eCommerce allows you to sync your Facebook Shop to your Instagram business profile in just a few clicks. This way, your customers can buy from your store without ever leaving the Instagram app.

The way it works is simple: you can tag products in your Instagram posts and stories. Once your products are tagged, customers will see a bag icon and can then tap it to view product information such as the item name, price description, more images, and a direct link to your product page so they can purchase.

Merchant requirements

Before you can start selling on Instagram, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your Instagram app must be updated to the latest version.

  • Your business has to be located in a supported area. You can view a full list of supported countries here.

  • Your Instagram account must be a business profile.

  • Your Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook Shop catalog.

  • You need to set up a Facebook Shop and be approved by Facebook.

  • Your Facebook page can’t have any age or country restrictions.

  • Your store must primarily sell physical goods and they have to comply with Facebook’s commerce policies and merchant agreement.

How to set it up

Instagram uses a Facebook Shop catalog to find and tag your products. So before you set up, make sure to do the following:

  1. Set up a Facebook Shop.

  2. And change your store’s Instagram profile to a business profile

You can set up Instagram shop through TAKU eCommerce by following the steps below:

  1. From your TAKU ecommerce dashboard under “Sales Channels”, hover your mouse over “All Sales Channels” and click on “Sell on Instagram”.

  2. Then click on the button “Connect Instagram”. If you have not connected your Facebook account, the button “Connect Facebook” will show instead.

  3. You will then be redirected to Facebook. Here, you must connect your Instagram account with your Facebook profile.

You have now completed the process of setting up shopping on Instagram. However, before you have access to product tagging, Instagram has to review your account details. Once you complete the three steps above, Instagram will automatically begin the review process. Processing times usually vary from a fews days to weeks and are in Instagram’s control.

You will receive a notification from your Instagram as soon as your account is approved.

Please note: TAKU eCommerce can’t enable the shopping feature and the review process is not in our control.

How to enable product tagging on Instagram

Once Instagram approves your account, you must turn on the product tagging feature in Instagram:

  1. From your Instagram app, go to your business profile options, and click on “Settings”.

  2. Click on ‘Shopping” and then confirm your Facebook account.

  3. Choose a product catalog to connect to your business profile and click on “Done”.

How to tag products on Instagram

Once you’ve been approved and followed the steps above, you can start tagging products in new and existing stories and posts. Note: you can tag up to 5 products per post or 20 per carousel.

Instagram counts each product variation (colors, sizes etc.) as a separate item. This is why the total number of items on your Instagram catalog may exceed the amount of items in your Facebook catalog.

To tag a product, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Instagram app, select a photo to post. Add a filter, a caption, and a location.

  2. Tap the products in your picture that you would like to tag.

  3. Enter the names of the products that you want to tag in the search box and select them as they appear.

  4. Click “Done” and then “Share” to post your photo.

Note: Instagram will regularly review your product tags to ensure that they comply with their commerce policies. This will usually take a few seconds but it may take longer if the product.

By tapping the post on your product, your followers will see:

  • The product images from you site

  • The product description

  • The product’s price

  • A link to purchase the product on your website

Once you publish nine shopping posts, you will receive a Shop Tab on your Instagram profile. This will allow customers to view all your shopping posts easily.

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