Creating Pre-Orders (Prepaid)

Whenever you need to process an order without the customer in the store (e.g. phone, text, email orders), you can use the existing sales register to indicate the Source of the sale and to change the Fulfillment Status. If you're using TAKU Pay, you can even accept credit cards securely.

  1. All sales or orders that need to be fulfilled (e.g. not taken by the customer at the time the transaction is created) will require an Account to be associated. This is to make sure that there is a customer associated to the transaction and that there is a way to contact the customer.

  2. Any sale or order that is not fulfilled (e.g. picked up by the customer) at the time the transaction is created, will automatically appear under Upcoming Orders in the main navigation menu once the transaction is finalized. Note that transactions in Upcoming Orders are always sorted by Outgoing Date for easier fulfillment.

  1. From the sales register, change the Source field at the top of the salesscreen to Store, Phone or Online

  1. Search for an existing Account or add a new Account to the salesscreen

  1. Click the Invoice Details button to change the Fulfillment Status to Unfulfilled

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