Re-opening a Suspended or Parked Transaction

This article will guide you on how to re-open a transaction that has been previously suspended or parked.

From the Salesscreen, you can click on the "Parked" button located on the right hand side of the screen. You can also access parked transactions by selecting “Parked Transactions” under the “Sell” menu on the main navigation menu (left side menu).

Once you are on the Parked screen, select the date range of parked transactions to display and press “Search”. To view the details of a parked transaction, click on the “Eyeball” icon on the left most column.

Recalling a Suspended or Parked Transaction

Once the Revisit Details screen opens, it will display the products, quantities, and prices at the time the invoice was parked. If this is the correct transaction, you can close the Revisit Details screen and press the “Shopping Basket icon” to reload it on the salesscreen.

Once the transaction has finish loading, you can continue with the invoice and checkout as per normal.

NOTE: Any transaction that has been suspended during a sale will remain under the Parked Transactions list, until the transaction has been finalized.

Deleting a Parked Transaction

To delete a parked transaction, select the “Garbage Bin” icon from on any saved transaction loaded on the Parked Transactions screen.

Accept the confirmation message if you are sure you would like to proceed. Once a parked transaction has been deleted, it cannot be recalled.

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