Opening the Till

When the cashout is closed you will see the closed cashout icon on the dashboard.

To open cashout go to Sell > Cashout

The Open Cashout screen will appear under General Information. By default the system will display the current date and time. If the date and time does not need to be changed, click on the "Next" button.

Under the second step, we will have the option to enter the total amount for cash that is currently present at the till. once we know the amount we can enter the total opening float amount in Total Opening Float field.

Alternately, to enter details of specific denomination amounts click DETAILS. There is also an option for notes at the bottom to keep track of adjustments.

Click on the "OPEN DAY" button to start doing sales.

If everything has been done successfully, the system will display 2 green messages, "You can start making sales" and "Opening Float saved successfully!". The Sales screen Window will appear open.

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