Restricting Discounts by Product

This section will cover how stores can restrict discounts down to the product level.

When making entering a sale in the Sales Register, you are able to discount a product from within the salesscreen. After entering an item click View.

The Inventory screen will now open. This screen contains: Basic Info, Inventory Settings, Barcodes, Images, Tags, Notes... etc.

Under Basic Info > Pricing Options, you are able to set permissions for price editing, and line discounting (setting a maximum amount that staff can discount both in the salesscreen and return screen).

Setting Max line discounting in salesscreen enables an approved discount range. Example: if a store had a 25% off storewide sale (excluding some items) and retailers set a max discount for an item at 10%, store associates will not be able to discount more than 10% off the product.

Adding a number value here will create a discount cap (in this instance, the maximum line discount that an associate can offer for this product is 10%).

Trying to input anything over 10% will trigger an error message.

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