Scheduled Store Pickup

The eCommerce store will allow you to offer scheduled curbside or in store pickup (by time and date) so that you can allow your customers to pick up their orders at specific days and times.

Please note that you will be required to use the "In-store Pickup" option in order for you to be able to use Pickup times in your eCommerce store.

To enable the Time and Date Picker option:

  • Go to your store Control Panel > Shipping & Pickup > Shipping & Pickup.

  • Under the "Current shipping methods" category, locate the "In-store Pickup" option and click the "Actions" button.

  • Then select the option to "Edit"

  • Under the "Date and Time Picker" section, you will need to enable the option "Ask for pickup date and time at checkout".

  • Then select the days and times that the In-store pickup will be available.

  • Then select Order Fulfillment Time (How long will it take to fulfill the order after a customer places the order)

  • Click the "Save" button to save all the information you have enter and you are done!

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