Adding "Shipping & Payment" Policies

*Scroll to the bottom of the page if you are familiar with Shipping Policies and would like instructions on how to add a Shipping Policy to your site.

What is a Shipping Policy?

A shipping policy is exactly what it sounds like - a document that answers any questions that customers may have about how products get delivered to their doors.

What to include in your Shipping Policy

A good shipping policy should include the following:

  1. Courier options: This part of your policy includes a list of all the third party shipping companies that your store uses. Your customers will want to know courier options for a variety of reasons including past history with certain companies and their own personal preference.

  2. Service Types: What kind of shipping options do you provide- same-day shipping? Express? In-store pickup? It’s good to specify if you provide tracking options for your shipments (or if tracking info is only provided through certain couriers) and expected timeframe for shipping.

  3. Pricing: Here you would specify shipping fees on your products. Do you offer free shipping, flat rates, or real time rates? It’s important to also include any conditions that apply (e.g. free shipping when you buy $50 or more). If you offer international shipping, consider specifying taxes and duties that apply and if you will deliver with duties and taxes paid or unpaid.

  4. Restrictions: Provide information on locations that you do not deliver to, won’t deliver to, or any locations/countries in which your products may be prohibited/banned. It may be a good idea to include these restrictions on your homepage or checkout page to avoid frustrated shoppers.

  5. Transit times: While transit times may be obvious for certain services (e.g. same day shipping), customers may want to know when they can expect to receive standard or international packages. You may want to specify certain processes (e.g. if your company ships packages the same day as customers order them) and if certain items take longer to ship than others. It’s best to offer an estimated range for each service.

How to add a Shipping Policy to your website

To enable the Shipping & Payment Info option:

  • Go to your store Control Panel > Settings > Legal.

  • Scroll down to Shipping & Payment Info and click "Add Page" button. (If the screen has been previously accessed before, you can click the "Edit" button instead and there will also be a slider to enable this page). Also ensure that the slider is set to Green (enabled).

In the following box, enter the information you would like to display when your customer click the "Shipping & Payment Info" option for eCommerce.

You may also use the "Specify Address of existing page" to change the URL address for this page on the website. The Page title allows you to customize the label for the clickable link that takes you to the Shipping & Payment Info.

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