Setting Your Payment Currency

In order to accept payments through your TAKU eCommerce store using a payment provider (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, etc.), the currency in your TAKU eCommerce store account must match the currency in your payment provider account.

To change your currency:

  1. From your TAKU Retail store, go to Sales Channel > TAKU eCommerce > Settings tab and click View

  2. From your Sales Channel Setup (TAKU eCommerce) page, click Launch Control Panel to open your TAKU eCommerce store.

  3. From your TAKU eCommerce Control Panel, go to the Settings > General > Regional Settings tab.

  4. Choose your store currency in the Currency drop-down menu.

5. Choose the Price display format for the prices in this currency (it will not affect input fields for prices in your store admin):

6. Choose if the currency symbol should be displayed before (prefix) or after the price (suffix).

7. Enable or disable the Hide trailing zeros in the fractional part option for prices in your store.

8. Save the changes.

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