Creating Pre-Orders (Unpaid)

With TAKU, you can sell unpaid pre-orders of products for pick up at a future date

  1. Because credit card checks require payment integration, the Pre-Order function in TAKU is only available to stores that use our integrated TAKU Pay payment processing.

  2. Any sale or order that is not fulfilled (e.g. picked up by the customer) at the time the transaction is created, will automatically appear under Upcoming Orders in the main navigation menu once the transaction is finalized. Note that transactions in Upcoming Orders are always sorted by Outgoing Date for easier fulfillment.

  3. All sales or orders that need to be fulfilled (e.g. not taken by the customer at the time the transaction is created) will require an Account to be associated. This is to make sure that there is a customer associated to the transaction and that there is a way to contact the customer.

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sales Register

  1. To switch to Pre-Orders, click on SALES located at the top left and select Pre-Orders. The header will now show PRE-ORDERS.

  1. Add a customer Account to the transaction.

  2. Add products to the pre-order the same as you would during a regular sale. Click here to learn more about how to use the TAKU salesscreen.

  3. Please enter the outgoing date on which the customer will receive the item.

  1. Click the Pay green button to open the tender screen

  2. At this point, you will have two options to finish or finalize this pre-order.

    1. Click the DONE button to finish the pre-order without a credit card check.

    2. To do a credit card check and save the card, select one of the integrated credit card payment tender buttons (including integrated Terminal, Manual Entry or Saved Card). The card being used will be authorized for $0.50 and then immediately cancelled. This check is done only to verify the validity of the card being used and will not charge anything to the customer.

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