Applying Sub-Total Discounts

Sub-total discounts are price changes made to the final price of all items in a transaction.

To make sub-total discounts, first scan or input product(s) into the sales screen.

Select Discount under Sub-Total.

This opens the Discount pop-up which allows you to give Bulk line discounts or Discount on Sub-Total.

The major difference between Discount on Sub-Total and Bulk Line Discount is that the Sub-Total Discount applies the discount to the sub-total for the entire invoice, whereas the Bulk Line Discount applies the same discount to each item individually.

NOTE: You can control the ability to discount/adjust pricing on individual items, read more here

This is important to remember because some businesses have items with price fluctuations every day (ex. grocery stores). TAKU gives more control and flexibility to retailers by allowing them to set permissions for staff to edit prices.

Input the discount amount by clicking on the calculator icon, then press “Accept” when you are finished.

Discounts will be applied on the sub-total of the transaction. This overrides the max line item discount (read more) because the discount is applied on the sub-total, not line items.

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