Inventory Options Settings

This guide will take you through the process of adding variant Options for matrix products in TAKU Retail. Options are the dimensions used to create different Variants of the same product such as Size, Color, etc.

Note that you can create unlimited Options in the Inventory Options Settings but each matrix product in TAKU Retail can have a maximum of 4 different Options

  1. On the left menu, go to Settings > Business Settings

  2. Click on Inventory Option Settings

  3. In the Inventory Options Settings screen you will see any existing Options and their values. To add a new inventory Option use the Add Row button at the top right

  4. Enter the Option Name into the new row such as size or color. Click the yellow Save button at the top left.

  5. To add values (e.g. blue, yellow, red, etc.) to an Option, click on the Add/Edit button of the corresponding row.

  6. On the Inventory Options Setting Values screen, click on the Add Row button at the top right to add a new value.

  7. Enter the Option Value in the new row and press enter or click the Add Row button again. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add additional values.

  8. Click the yellow Save button at the top left when finished.

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