Business Verification

Verifying your Business and Banking Info

  1. Look for an email from TAKU Payments sent from (subject line: Welcome to TAKU Payments) to set up your own portal password.

  2. Once you're logged in, click Start Application to verify your business information and banking details to start receiving funds.

  3. Confirm your business type (e.g. Corporation, Non-Profit or a Sole Proprietorship). If you are based in the US and you have not filed paperwork to register as a business entity, than your business type is likely to be Individual. If you are unsure of your Business Structure, refer to the documents you filed to register your business, or consult your lawyer or tax professional. (required)

  4. Click the tabs below to follow the steps below depending on whether you are based in the US or Canada.

  1. Complete your main business information. Keep in mind that your legal business name must match exactly with the name on your government-issued business registration document which will need to be uploaded on the next page (required)

  2. Add your registered business information including address, trade name (optional), and business registration numbers where applicable (required)

  3. Add the information for your main authorized contact or business owner. Personal information is collected to verify ownership of the business as well as to provide points of contact for important updates such as future changes, service agreement updates, dispute notifications, etc (required)

  4. Add additional authorized contacts or business owners (optional)

  5. Add your business bank account where you would like your funds to be auto-deposited (required)

    A payout is the transfer of funds from TAKU Pay to your bank account. To confirm the banking details, we require a bank statement or voided cheque. When uploading a bank statement or voided cheque, please make sure the file meets the following requirements:

    • Formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF

    • Size for PDFs: minimum 1 KB, maximum 4 MB (maximum 2 pages)

    • Size for other formats: minimum 100 KB, maximum 4 MB

    • Must be an official document

    • Should not be altered, blurry, cut off, or any older than 12 months

    • The file should clearly display the Business Name, Transit Number, Institution Number, and Account Number

  6. Finally, review all of the information entered, fill the checkbox to confirm you agree with the terms and click to Submit for verification (required)

  7. Verification will take up to 1 business day. If any other information is required, you will be contacted by email or phone by the TAKU Pay team. If you ever have any questions during this process, please contact us at or 1-888-660-TAKU (8258), ext 2.

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