Sales Doc Settings

This sections covers the settings available for users to customize the salesscreen

When entering scanning or entering an item in the sales register, you can choose to combine quantities, add a new line item, or accumulate the last line item. These settings will be applied at the store level.

In order to do select the option works best for your store, go to Settings > Stores > Current Store.

Click the Sales Doc Settings card.

Settings in Sales Doc Settings

1. Salesscreen Entry Method

Click the dropdown menu in the Salesscreen Entry Method field to select the item entry method for the sales register. This setting controls how products are added to your salesscreen during a transaction.

2. Salesscreen Default Tab

Click the dropdown menu in the Salesscreen Default Tab Options field and select Revisit, Bill To or Lists.

3. Auto-Copy Pinned Address

You can also choose if you would like to automatically copy the pinned address from a customer's account profile during a transaction.

Note that this only works if a) there is an account associated with the transaction, b) the account associated has a respective billing or shipping address pinned in the account profile itself.

Once you have selected the method of your choice click the Save button to save your changes.

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