Setting Up Manual (Offline) Payments

In addition to online payments, you can accept payments outside of your store (i.e., offline). You can instruct customers how to pay you (e.g., by cash, check, bank transfers, etc.) by writing instructions.

Collecting payment is not immediate in these methods. Orders purchased with a manual payment option are marked as Awaiting Payment (TAKU eCommerce Control Panel > Payment).

The order status will remain Awaiting Payment until you arrange payment, collect the funds, and mark the order as Paid.

Your TAKU eCommerce store doesn’t charge any transaction fees for the orders that accept manual payments.

Adding manual (offline) payment option

To enable a manual payment in your TAKU eCommerce store:

  1. From your TAKU Retail store, go to Sales Channel > TAKU eCommerce > Settings tab and click View

  2. From your Sales Channel Setup (TAKU eCommerce) page, click Launch Control Panel to open your TAKU eCommerce store.

  3. From your TAKU eCommerce Control Panel, go to Payment.

  4. Find the block Manual Payment Methods.

  5. Click + Add Manual Payment Method.

  6. Name the payment method in the text box, then enter instruction that includes any necessary information:

7. Save the changes.

8. Make sure the payment method is set to Enabled:

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