Commitments (Recurring Orders)

Recurring orders is a way to easily create repeat orders for customers. This is particularly useful stores that sell products that are constantly refilled such as for vitamins, supplements or beauty products which customers.
Unlike other subscriptions, TAKU allows you to create a "promise to buy" or "Commitment" for recurring orders for any items being sold with just 2-clicks during regular store checkout. No need to pre-create any subscriptions in advance. And with TAKU, you can also offer a small discount to customers for enrolling based on the refill frequency.
  1. 1.
    Because of the complexity to securely save payment details, all Recurring Order functions in TAKU are only available to stores that use integrated TAKU Pay payment processing.
  2. 2.
    Due to the need to fulfill future Recurring Orders, an Account (customer) must be associated to a sale before any product can be made to be recurring in the salesscreen.
  3. 3.
    Whenever a promise to buy or Commitment is created, an email address must be associated to the Account and the sale so that Confirmations and Reminders can be sent out.
To offer Recurring Orders, firstly you will need to set up the following:
Once you have recurring order settings set up (and usage details, depending on the type of products you sell), you can start creating commitments for any product during in-store sales:
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