Creating Accounts during a Sale

To save time on creating new accounts, you are able to create a new account on the salesscreen directly.

Select the Add [+] icon.

This will open a drop-down that allows you to create either a New Personal Account or New Commercial Account.

NOTE: Personal Accounts are accounts for individuals. Commercial Accounts are for commercial accounts that may contain Personal Accounts.

Clicking Personal Account will open a pop-up. Fill in all of the relevant information in the form.

In order to send customers marketing materials, you need to ask for their consent.

Clicking the Customer Consent box will open a new dialogue box.

Ask the customer to check the box to agree to receive marketing communication.

Save the consent form by clicking the check mark ✔️

After the form has been saved, the check mark will turn green and you are able to exit the page by clicking the Close [X] icon.

Save all customer details by clicking the yellow Save button.

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