Inventory Doc Formats

This guide will take you through the process of setting the format for your inventory documents.

Inventory documents are an important document that allow you to track, record, and analyze your inventory details.

In TAKU Retail, inventory documents are managed within Zone Settings. To learn more about zones visit the Adding / Managing Zones guide under Zone Settings.

The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up inventory document formats.

1. Go to Settings > Zones > Current Zone

2. The Current Zone Settings page will open with the selected zone indicated in yellow next to the page title.

Note: Whenever you are logged into a specific Store, the Current Zone will always be that store's Zone. To see the settings for other Zones while logged in a Store, click the View Zones dropdown menu on the top right corner of the Current Zone Settings page.

3. Click on the Inventory Doc Formats card in the Current Zone Settings page.

4. The document for Inventory Receiving is included with default settings for prefix, # of digits, starting number, and suffix.

5. To format your inventory document, click on the edit button at the top left hand corner of the Inventory Doc Format section.

6. The Inventory Doc Format section will go into edit mode indicated by the yellow (Edit Mode) next to the title in the header of the section. Now you will be able to make changes to the existing inventory document inside the table.

7. Once you are finished, click the save icon at the top left hand corner of the Inventory Doc Format section to save.

Note: Once an Inventory Document Format is used in a transaction, it cannot be changed. Once the Inventory Document Format is changed, it will only affect inventory documents moving forward.

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