Adding / Managing Stores

This article will guide you on how to add and manage stores.

Opening a new store in your business requires a lot of work, however, adding the new store to TAKU Retail takes a few minutes. You can add an unlimited number of store and manage them all from TAKU Retail.

Adding a New Store

To add a new store in TAKU Retail:

Go to Settings > Stores > Manage Stores

Click the "+" add icon at the top right hand corner of the table to add a new store.

A Store Details window will open where you will input all the necessary information for your store. Only the required fields are needed to be filled in order to add your store, however, adding more information will allow you to keep stay organized and manage your store throughout TAKU Retail more seamlessly.

Under Basic Information you will need to add the Store Name, Store ID, and Default stock. To see how to setup a stock, click here.

In this section you can also add:

  • Short Name: an abbreviation or condensed version of your store name.

  • Website: you can add the URL for your store in the website field.

  • Store Type: you can choose between Physical, Dispatch, and Dynamic from the drop down menu.

  • Time Zone: you can select the time zone for this store from the drop down menu.

  • Zone: if you have a group of store or a zone dedicated to a specific type of zone then you can select the zone you wish to add this store to from the drop down menu. To find out more about zones, click here.

  • Store Logo: you can add the store logo by uploading a file from your computer.

Under Additional Information you have three tabs: Address, Social, and Hours.

In the Address section you are required to input a region and city. Information entered in this section will appear on receipts, invoices, and related documents.

You can also add:

  • Location Type: you can select if this store address is a residence, commercial space, PO Box, or other from the drop down menu.

  • Attention (Optional): By clicking on the "+" add icon button you can add a company name and an individual.

  • Address Line 1: input the address of your store.

  • Address Line 2 (Suite, Unit, ect.): you can enter additional address information.

  • Country: Select the country rom the drop down menu.

  • Postal/Zip: enter the postal or zip code for this address.

  • Email Address: you can enter an email address for your store here.

    • Email Type: you can assign the type of email address being used for this store from the drop down menu.

  • Phone Number: input the phone number for the store.

    • Phone Type: select phone type option Work, Home, Mobile, Fax, Other from the drop down menu.

    • Country: select country from drop down menu.

    • Extension: enter an extension to the phone number is applicable.

    • Note: enter any notes for your store in this field.

In the Additional Information section, you can add your social media details. By clicking the Add New button you can insert unlimited number of fields for your social media details.

Under the Hours tab you are able to enter the hours of your store by clicking on the Add New Period button.

Managing Stores

TAKU Retail is a multi-store manager that can view all your stores under one system. Follow the guide below on how to utilize multi-store manager.

In the Store table you can build an overview of all your stores by selecting the columns you would like to see in the table. To select the columns of your choice, click the drop down menu in next to 11 columns and select the columns to display.

To check the Store Details for any of the stores in this table list, you can click the "View" option on the far left side of the row for that store to open it's details.

To view the setting of each individual store, click the Settings button in the second column. This will take you to the Current Store Settings screen with the store you had selected the settings for. To change the store, you can click on the drop down menu in the Change Store field and select a different store. In the Current Store Settings screen you can chose settings that are applicable at the store level. For more information on store settings, please refer to the Store Settings guides below.

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