Access Rights by Role

This article will guide you on how to setup and manage access rights for different roles.

From the main screen, go to Settings > User Management > Manage Roles. Once the Manage Roles screen opens, click on "Access Rights" located beside the Role that you would like to add, edit or remove access rights to.

Notice how with our example we will be editing the "Cashier" Role, click on Access Rights on the same row as the role you would like to change.

After the "Access Rights" option has been open, you will be presented with the tabs: Data and Visibility.

Data: This will allow information from specified sections to be changed by each role.

Visibility: This will hide or make a feature visible to each role.

Note: By default, a new User Role will not have any Data or Visibility rights. Permissions will have to be given based on what you would like them to have access to.

Making a Simple Cashier Role

For this example we will make a simple cashier role with access rights in mind. You may use different access rights than this example.

Cashiers will be able to:

  • Access all of the sales screen

  • Add and edit customers (Personal Accounts)

  • View inventory stock

Cashiers will not be able to:

  • Delete customers (Personal Accounts)

  • Change pricing

Salesscreen Access Rights

To allow the Cashiers to open and view the screens related to sales, we will go to the Visibility tab and check “Visible” for all options under the Sell Menu. You can enter type a description to filter the results.

Click on the pencil icon to enable edit mode for the table.

Check “Visible” for any screen that the Cashier will have access to. When the changes are complete, press the save button.

Personal Account Access Rights

To allow the cashier to add, edit, and view customers (Referred to as Personal or Commercial Accounts in TAKU, we will use Personal Accounts for this example) we will need to enable visibility access rights to the Accounts Menu as well as change Data access rights.

In the visibility tab search the Description for Accounts Menu > Personal Accounts, here we will see all the components/screens related to the Accounts menu that can be visible or hidden to the user.

If we want to allow the cashier to view Personal Accounts, the General Tab, Status, and Notes only, check the “Visible” box for those options.

When viewing a Personal Account as a Cashier, you will notice that the options that were not checked “Visible” will be hidden.

To allow the Cashier to add and edit Personal Accounts we will move over the to Data tab. Here you can select the Accounts Module from the drop down list.

Check Edit and Add for the Personal Accounts. Since the Delete option is not checked, Cashiers will not be able to delete any Personal Accounts. Save any changes made.

Inventory Access Rights

To allow the Cashier to view inventory stock, we will have to enable visibility to the Inventory List menu and the Stock Levels. Under the Visibility tab search for Inventory Menu in Description.

Check Visible for Inventory List and Stock Level. Save any changes made.

There are no access rights assigned by default when creating a new user role. The Cashier role will not be able to Edit, Add or Delete inventory.

Comparing the inventory screen between an Administrator role and the Cashier role.

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