Fulfilling Online Orders

When a customer has placed an online order on your webstore, they will receive the following window below after checkout. The order number is listed as #453 below and displays other information such as their payment status and shipping address.

  1. Once the order has been placed, open the TAKU eCommerce Control Panel and navigate to the Store Management section and select My Sales -> Orders.

2. Look for the order that you wish to fulfill and process payment for. You may also use the Filter option and search bar at the top of the screen to search by Order number, customer information such as name or address, or the items ordered.

3. You may change Payment or Processing status right from this window, but instead you may click the order that we would like to fulfill. In this click we are clicking Order #453 to view details.

4. Click the Payment Status "Awaiting Payment" drop-down and select the Paid option when it is ready to be finalized.

When the payment has been processed from the customer, you may click the "Paid" option from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, there are other available status options for canceled or refunded orders.

5. Then select the Fulfillment Status drop-down to change its status to Delivered or Ready For Pickup.

6. Once the customer's online order has been fully paid for and processed, you may now fulfill this order through TAKU Retail. Go to Sales Channels -> All Online Orders. Then click "View" for the web order which you would like fulfill.

7. Then a window will appear to show the details of the order. Click "Proceed".

The order will show an "Approved" message at the top and now options are available at the bottom for voiding or reprinting the order details.

The order fulfillment is now complete, and we can go to the Inventory List in TAKU Retail, to View the product and then go to the History tab to see the sales details. Here you will find the Sales History for that TAKU eCommerce online order which is linked to a document in TAKU Retail, with its quantity deducted from inventory.

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