Stock Allocations

This article will guide you on how to set multiple inventory stock.

Keep your stock quantities separate by location. Split your stock to as many custom allocations as you need – by stores, warehouses, your online store, stockrooms, etc. You can view inventory and stock levels across your entire business to meet customer needs in real-time in TAKU Retail.

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating, editing, and managing multiple inventory stock.

1. Go to Settings → Current Zone → Stock

2. The Stock page will open.

Adding an Inventory Stock

1. To add a new stock click on the New Stock button at the top right hand corner of the Stock section.

2. This will open a Stock Details page where you can enter the stock ID, stock name, and details of the stock you want to create.

3. Under the Basic Information section, you can choose the stock type and zone for this stock from the drop down menu.

4. Under the Address Information section, you can enter the type of location this stock will be located and the address details for that location.

5. Once all details have been correctly added, click the Save button at the top right hand corner of the Stock Details pages to save the new inventory stock.

Editing Inventory Stock Details

1. To edit the details of your stock, click to edit button at the top left hand corner of the Stock page.

2. The Stock section will go into edit mode indicated by the yellow (Edit Mode) next to the title in the header of the section. Now you will be able to make changes to the existing stocks inside the table.

3. To active or deactivate an inventory stock, check or uncheck the box under the Active column.

4. You can also click the View button in the left most column to view all the details of the inventory stock you wish to edit.

5. The Stock Details page will open where you can edit the basic information and Address Information.

6. Once you are finished, click the save icon at the top right hand corner of the Stock Details page to save.

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