Price Editing during a Sale

Adjusting the price of a product after it has been added to the salesscreen

If you need to constantly adjust the price of products and do not want to use discounts, you will need to enable price editing during sales. Price editing during sales is set up at the product level. There are 2 ways to enable price editing during sales:

Note: The Allow price editing in salesscreen checkbox on every Inventory page will need to be visible and editable for users to be able to adjust pricing during sales. If you do not see this checkbox or it is disabled, please speak to your TAKU Administrator to review the inventory access rights of your assigned user role.

Enabling Price Editing from the Salesscreen

To enable price editing by product, expand a product by clicking on the dropdown arrow of any line item added to the salesscreen.

Then click on the SKU number.

Click on “Pricing Options” to expand the menu and check Allow price editing in sales screen.

You can also set max line discounting (a maximum dollar or percentage value that store employees can change) on the same screen. To learn more about discount controls, click here.

Save the changes using the yellow Save icon on the top right.

After returning to the salesscreen, click on the Pencil icon located to the right of the price to edit it during a sale.

Note: Users will only be able to edit the price up to the standard sell price. For example, if an inventory item has a sell price of $100 and price editing enabled, users may only adjust the sell price during a sale to an amount between $0 and $100.

Enter the desired price and click “Accept” to change the price. Once all products are correct, proceed to Checkout as per normal.

Enabling Price Editing in Bulk

To enable price editing on many products at the same time, you can use the Bulk Edit functions in the inventory list table.

  1. Go to Inventory > Inventory List from the main menu.

  2. Single or multi-filter the list as required until you have the products you wish to edit at the same time.

  3. Click the Column Chooser dropdown menu on the top left and enable Edit Sale Price (and Edit Return Price as required). Hide any columns you don't need or drag the 2 columns into your view.

4. Select the rows (or select all) that you wish to enable at the same time.

5. Choose the Edit Sale Price column from the Bulk Edit Options.

6. Select the appropriate Edit Options.

7. Click Preview to review how the changes will be applied.

8. If the preview does not look correct, simply click the Revert button (the back arrow button next to save) and everything to go back to its last saved version.

9. If the preview looks correct, make sure to click the yellow Save button to save the bulk changes all at once.

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