Enable/Disable Your Instant Site

This guide will show you how to enable or disable the Instant Site.

TAKU eCommerce has added the option of enabling an update to the Instant Site for a more unique and custom webstore. Using our latest Instant Site, you will be able to add more content to your instant site using our additional site blocks and customizable design options.

To enable the latest Instant Site, go to your TAKU eCommerce control panel > Settings > What's New.

Scroll down to the New-gen Instant Site section and toggle the button to Enabled

Note: If you are using our older Instant Site, activating the New-gen Instant Site will replace your old site. Therefore, your new site will need to manually be set up as the data and content from your old site is not transferred automatically. Your categories and products can be added using the Root Categories and Featured Products site blocks, however, your business information, images, and design will need to be redone. You can go back to your old instant site by disabling the New-gen Instant Site feature.

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