Setting up Picture Gallery

This article will show you how to set up picture gallery in your TAKU POS salesscreen to make in-person sales

If you’re using the POS to sell in person, TAKU lets you use keywords, scan barcodes or click through a picture gallery to add products during a transaction.

By default, TAKU shows the Revisit tab in the salesscreen at the beginning of every sale. If you prefer to use the Picture Gallery, change the Salesscreen Default Tab option in Store Settings to Lists by following these steps.

To get started, you will need to decide what Inventory Categories you would like to show in your Picture Gallery.

Because every product can be associated to multiple categories in TAKU, besides existing product-based categories (e.g. Toys), you can create unique categories specific to your Picture Gallery such as “Favorites” or “Popular.”

Go to Settings > Business Settings > Inventory Categories > Show in Gallery

If you would like to add new categories for your Picture Gallery, click the + button, complete the required fields and click the yellow Save icon.

To add multiple categories to your Picture Gallery, click the Edit button to enable the existing inventory categories you would like to have visible in your salesscreen Picture Gallery. Save all of the changes to the rows by clicking the yellow Save icon.

To add products to any new Categories, you need to:

  • Add the categories to products

  • Enable “Show in Gallery” in the products you wish to display

The fastest way to make these changes is to use the TAKU bulk editor. For detailed instructions on how to edit inventory in TAKU, click here.

Here is how the bulk editor in Inventory List will look when adding categories to multiple products at the same time:

Here is how the bulk editor in Inventory List will look when enabling “Show in Gallery” to multiple products at the same time.

Expert Tip: Save time by editing multiple fields for multiple rows at the same time when using the TAKU bulk editor.

Depending on the size of your POS screen, there is a natural limit to how many categories (cards) will be visible on the main Gallery area. While you will be able to search and also click between different pages within the Gallery, it is suggested that you keep your most popular categories on the first page of the Gallery. This is done by re-naming your Category Names knowing that Gallery cards show in alphabetical order.

Expert Tip: Special characters (e.g. *) will always show first. Make your Favorite category show up first by adding a * in front of the Category Name.

  1. To add images to your Gallery cards, go to Settings > Business Details > Inventory Categories and click View for the category you are editing.

2. Click Choose to select an image file for your category. Make sure to click the yellow Save icon button to save your new image.

Note: To optimize speed in TAKU, there is a maximum size of 2MB per image.

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