Mapping All Payments for Reporting

You can map the payment methods used on your TAKU eCommerce site to a tender type that exists in your TAKU Retail, this will allow you to include web order totals when viewing reports from TAKU Retail.

Go to Apps > My Apps > TAKU eCommerce

Click “View” on the Sales Channel you would like to modify

You will see a Payments setting box in the top middle. On the left hand side you will see each of the payment methods that are on your TAKU eCommerce site. On the right is the tender type that it will be mapped with in TAKU Retail. Click on the “Tender Name” drop down menu to select the TAKU Retail tender type you would like to map with. Any web orders paid with that payment method will have the totals added to the mapped tender in TAKU Retail.

When you are finished mapping, click on the Save button at the top right.

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