Adding / Managing Stations

This guide will direct you on how to add and manage stations in TAKU Retail.

TAKU Retail allows you to add as many stations as you need for your stores. To see pricing details for adding stations, refer to our pricing breakdown.

To add or manage your stations go to Settings > Stations > Manage Stations

Adding a New Station

To add a new station click the Add Row button at the top right-hand corner of the Station table.

The Station section will go into edit mode indicated by the yellow (Edit Mode) next to the title in the header of the section. Now you will be able to add the details of your new station inside the table.

From the drop down menu you can select the store you would like to add a new station too

A station name is a required when creating a new station. Enter your station name in the Station Name field.

A station number is also required when adding a new station. You can enter your station number in the Station # field.

Once you have entered the details for you station, click the Save All button at the top of the table. The icon will be activated when all required fields are filled.

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