Selling Repeat Products during POS Checkout

With TAKU, it's now possible to convert any product during a sale in your POS into automated repeat orders, similar to the way that "Subscribe & Save" works during online checkout.

  1. Go to Sell > Sales Register

  2. When adding products to the salesscreen, simply ask your customer if they would like to put any of the items in the current sale into a standing order. Depending on your Recurring Order Settings, you can incentive your customer by offering a small discount similar to "Subscribe & Save".

  3. Make sure to add an Account to the salesscreen as a customer is required to enable the recurring functions.

  4. Click on the dropdown to the left of the item which the customer would like to set up for auto-refill.

  1. From the Recurring? dropdown, select the appropriate frequency. If the product has Usage Detail set up, Default Refill Frequency will be available in the dropdown. If the product has more than one “Default Refill Frequency” you will have to select the frequency name in the next field.

  1. By default, the Repeat? field is set to ongoing (indefinite). If you wish to set up a limited number of repeats, choose one of the other options available.

  2. To finish off the current sale and automatically create a "Commitment" for future orders, simply click the green Pay button to open the tender screen.

  3. Whenever a sale has a Recurring product in it, an email will be required to send out Confirmation and Reminder notifications.

  4. To securely save a card on file to apply to the future orders, a card terminal, manual entry or an existing saved card can be used. With TAKU Pay card terminals, cards are saved automatically as the Save Card for Future Use checkbox is enabled by default which securely vaults credit card details with encryption for safety.

  5. Click DONE to finalize the current sale and to automatically create the Commitment. Besides any printed receipts, your customer will receive two emails. One for the current sale and one to confirm the terms of the Commitment.

Note that PCI Compliance rules require that customers have the ability to cancel recurring payments on their own. With TAKU, customers can do this by clicking the link at the bottom of Confirmation Emails (see sample above) and confirming that they wish to cancel.

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