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Keep Your Sales Going, No Matter What

If ever your internet stops working or the power goes out, rest assured knowing that you have the following exclusive functions. Unlike platforms which try to replicate the traditional offline functionality of legacy systems, our unique Device Flexibility and Sales AutoRecover features give you a true safety net with modern cloud technology to make sure you can keep selling, even if unexpected things happen.

Device Flexibility

This means if an existing device has issues, you can immediately log in and sell from any other web-enabled device. For some stores, this may be a spare device. For others, it may be a mobile smartphone. As users are limited to logging into only one device at a time and no data is saved locally, you have the benefit of uninterrupted service that can be extended without extra costs, concerns about device compatibility, or greater data risks.

Sales AutoRecover

This is our saving function which automatically saves the items added to the salesscreen and any payments applied during a sale once the Pay button is clicked. We’ve added this exclusive feature to help customers prevent data loss if the internet goes down, the browser is closed or the device is shutdown by mistake.

The progress of your unfinished transaction is saved as a draft in the background and can be recovered from Parked Transactions from any Station associated to the same Store. So if you’re having hardware issues, you can easily log back into the same Station with another device or have another User at a different Station complete the sale, right from where you left off.

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