Publishing Products Online

This guide will show you the steps to publish products from your TAKU Retail account to your newly created TAKU eCommerce online store.

From your TAKU Retail account, go to Sales Channels > TAKU eCommerce

This will open the Sales Channels (TAKU eCommerce) page

From the Sales Channel Inventory page, click on the Edit button to enable the Bulk Edit Options

While in the Bulk Edit mode, you may select all products on the page or select the products individually.

Once the products are selected, you may use a condition to set the Upload Status value for the products selected from No to Yes by

1) selecting the Upload Status option from the Choose Colum drop menu,

2) selecting the Fill all with option from the Choose Edit Option drop down menu, and

3) selecting the Yes option ****from the New Value drop down menu.

Click the PREVIEW button to fill the value for all the products selected under the Upload Status column from No to Yes.

Click the Save button to publish the selected products.

Click the Yes button to proceed.

Congratulations! your products have been published to your online store.

Once the products are published, a unique Channel SKU number is assigned to each published product.

You may click on the Channel SKU number to preview the product on your online store.

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