Learn how to integrate and use your Moneris card terminals

How to Integrate your Moneris Card Terminal (Verifone P400)

In TAKU Retail, you have the ability to set up sales registers or kiosk with Moneris payment processing for both debit and credit card transactions.

Follow the steps below to setup integration to the Moneris P400 PIN Pad, which include adding the appropriate tender types in TAKU and inputting information about the PIN Pad and processor.

  1. We will start by enabling integration for the Kiosk, Open the left-side menu and navigating to Settings → Zones → Current Zone. From the Current Zone Settings screen, click “Tender Types”.

This will take you to the Zone Tenders screen.

  1. Click the + option in the top-right to add a new line, then fill in the following fields:

Field NameAction

Is Enabled

Check this option to enable (YES)

Tender Type

Select "Credit Card"

Button Name

Give an appropriate name, such as "Credit/Debit" or "Kiosk Payment"


Select your local currency

Transaction Type

Check "Sales Charge" to enable (YES). NOTE: “Sales Returns” or “Sales Payback” are not possible for self-checkout kiosk sales.

Is Integrated

Check this option to enable (YES). This is required for any integrated payment options including kiosks which are unattended.

Click the yellow “Save All” option in the top left when finished.

  1. Then, from the left menu navigate to Settings → Stores → Current Store → Payment Settings.

From the My Tender Types (Payment Settings) screen, use the arrow in the middle to move the Credit/Debit option to the right-side for “SELECTED”. Click the yellow “Save” button in the top-right corner when you are done.

  1. After enabling the tender type and the integration, we will now setup the merchant payment processing information. From the left-side menu navigate to Apps → Browse Apps → Scroll down to “Payments” → Select “Moneris”.

Inside the Payment Settings screen for Moneris, start by clicking the + sign for “Add Row” in the top-right corner. A new line will appear, where you can fill out the following information:

Field NameAction


Check this option to enable (YES)

Payment Gateway

Select "Moneris"

Store Name

Select the current store that you would like to add this integration to

Card Types

Selected all required Card Types (e.g. Kiosk Credit/Debit) for your sales register and kiosks

Click the Save All option in the top-right when finished.

  1. Next, click the Terminals option found under “Manage Terminals” column.

This will take you to the “Pair Payment Terminals” screen for Moneris Terminals. Click the + button in the top right for “New Payment Terminal”.

A screen called “Terminal Name” will appear, where you can now fill out the merchant information from Moneris required for integration with TAKU Retail.

Terminal Name

Type in a recognizable name for this terminal, preferably using the device name (i.e. Verifone P400)

Station ID / Name

From the drop-down menu select the station that you would like to integrate to the Moneris terminal

Merchant ID

13 digit number provided by payment processor (Moneris) regarding your Merchant account

Terminal ID

8 digit number provided by payment processor (Moneris) regarding the PIN Pad device

API Token

20 digit alphanumeric code provided by payment processor (Moneris) regarding this integration to TAKU Retail

Pairing Token

6 digit number provided by payment processor (Moneris)

Tokenization Settings & Hardware Settings can be left as default, and only changed as required by payment processor (Moneris) specifications.

When you have entered all settings, click the “Save All” button in the top-right. Then click “Pair” and then “Initialize”.

If you have not received any errors, then the integration is complete.

  1. From here, you may continue with a sale like normal. Add the items to the invoice that you would like to sell and charge credit/debit using the PIN Pad.

  2. Click the Pay (F9) button at the bottom to continue to Payment, and you will see the list of enabled tender types. Below you will see the ones highlighted all contain “Moneris” or “MO” appended to the end of the Tender name. This indicates that it is an integrated tender type used specifically for a Moneris PIN Pad such as the Moneris - Verifone P400 which we have previously setup.

  • Credit/Debit MO

  • Visa-Moneris MO

  • MC-Moneris (Mastercard)

  • Kiosk Credit/Debit MO (Designated specifically for the Kiosk Self-Checkout feature)

  1. Let’s continue by selecting Credit/Debit MO. A prompt will appear for confirming the amount.

Then it will load, as TAKU will try to communicate with the PIN Pad prompting the user to tap or swipe/insert their card.

  1. If the card has been approved for the sale, you will receive a message notifying that the transaction was successful, and it will display the details of the credit/debit sale.

  1. At this point, if you have not yet clicked “DONE” then you may also opt to process a Sale Refund or Sale Void by clicking the circle with the 3 dots just next to the Authorization Code.

As an example, if you click Sale Refund It will prompt you to confirm if you would like to reverse this payment. Click yes here, and TAKU will try to communicate with the PIN Pad again.

After the transaction has been approved, this same screen will display the reversal with red text showing the same amount in brackets (indicating a return to the card) e.g. ($16.09)

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