Selling with Picture Gallery

This article will go over how to process in-person sales using Picture Gallery, Inventory or Search Results with TAKU

Before getting started, make sure that Gallery is set up properly in your salesscreen. For instructions on how to set up Gallery, click here.

With TAKU, it is possible to sell using a mixture of keyword search, category shortcodes, barcode scanners or picture gallery in the salesscreen. However, if you would like keep Gallery always visible by default during POS in-person sales, simply follow the instructions here to set Lists as your Salesscreen Default Tab (the tabs on the right menu).

The Lists tab in the TAKU salesscreen gives you 3 ways to quickly find products during a sale.

Click to select products grouped by category. These categories can be configured to include as many products as you want. You can even include products in multiple gallery categories (e.g. Favorites and Treats).

2. Inventory

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for by keyword search or barcode, use the Inventory tab to see your entire active inventory list and quickly add products to the salesscreen. Multi-filter to find hard-to-locate products.

3. Search Results

TAKU even has a way to make it easier for you if you’ve selected the wrong product during keyword search. The Search Results tab shows the results of your last keyword search. Easily select the correct product without having to search again.

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