Creating Matrix Products (Variants)

Matrix products are products that are sold with different variations such as size or color. Different types of variants are called Options. And every combination of options for a product is call a Variant.

A matrix product is the Parent. It cannot be sold itself and is only used to create all of the associated Variants. All of the associated Variants are also known as Child products.

When you are ready to start creating matrix products, first start by creating all of your unique Options by following this how-to guide:

Inventory Options Settings

If you are unfamiliar with adding new inventory items, you can follow this guide to create new products in inventory.

Adding Inventory Items

Note that several fields are always shared from the Parent to the Child products: Inventory Category, Brand, and Unit of Measure

The Parent product must be a Single product type before changing it to a Matrix product.

This is indicated in the Inventory List by this white bookmark icon

Child products are indicated with this icon

Parent products are indicated with a black bookmark

Creating a parent product

  1. Go to Inventory > Inventory List

  2. Click on the View button on the product which will be the parent for the matrix. In order to convert this product to a matrix, it must be a single product

  3. On the details tab of the inventory screen which is open by default, scroll down the page, enable the Apply Variants option and click Save

  4. Click on the Variants button to enter the variant setup screen. If this button is greyed out repeat step 3

  5. Add new options to your matrix by pressing on the Add New button

  6. Here you can select the matrix options, and the corresponding values which are applicable to this product. Click Save at the top right to save the matrix options. Repeat steps 5-6 to add another matrix option.

There are 2 ways to add child products to the parent matrix. If the child products already exist in your inventory and you would like to add them to the matrix you can use the Combine Existing Products feature. If this is a brand new product, you can have TAKU Retail automatically generate the child products.

Automatically generate child products

  1. On the variants screen, click Apply Below, TAKU will automatically generate a product for each possible combination of options that you have configured.

  2. You will see that the new child variants will be generated and added to the Inventory Variants table. Here you can enter the quantity of each variant, as well as adjust pricing or add your own SKU. If left blank, the SKU will be automatically generated by TAKU Retail. Press the Save button at the top right

  3. On the Inventory List screen you will see the new child products that were generated. These will be indicated with the following icon.

Add existing products as child

  1. On the variants screen, click to expand the Combine Existing Products section

  2. Search for and select the existing product that you will be adding as a variant

  3. Scroll down to bottom of the Inventory Variants, select the option values corresponding to this child. The price and quantities can also be adjusted from this table. Click the Save button at the top right when you are finished

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