Creating Categories for your TAKU eCommerce store

Publishing Inventory Categories from your TAKU Retail account to your TAKU eCommerce store

Existing and new product categories can be automatically published from your TAKU Retail account to your TAKU eCommerce store once the integration is activated.

The first time the product categories are published to your TAKU eCommerce store from your TAKU Retail account, they will be created as root categories.

In TAKU eCommerce, these categories can be dragged-and-dropped under a root category to create a sub-category.

💡 A reminder that inventory items in your TAKU Retail account can be a part of multiple categories in TAKU eCommerce, regardless of the level.

💡 Please click here for instructions on how to add/edit your Inventory Categories in your TAKU Retail account.

Manually creating categories and subcategories in your TAKU eCommerce store

Before you manually start creating categories and subcategories in your TAKU eCommerce store, ensure that the Create from TAKU Inventory Category option is disabled in the Sales Channel Setup (TAKU eCommerce) page.

To manually create a new root category in your TAKU eCommerce store:

💡 If you are manually creating new root categories and subcategories directly in your TAKU eCommerce store, you’ll need to manually associate the manually created categories to the published products from your TAKU Retail account.

  • From your TAKU eCommerce Control Panel, go to Catalog > Categories.

  • In the "Categories" page, click the "Add Root Category" button

  • Once the New root category option opens, you will need to enter the name of the new root category you are creating.

  • Under the Category Image you have the option to attach a picture to the category you are creating, you can click the "Choose file" button to upload an image for the new category.

  • Under the Description [English] section, you have the choice of entering a description of the category is about.

Once you are happy with the information you have enter for the new category, you will need to click the "Save" button and the new category will be created.

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