Adding a "Privacy Policy"

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Privacy Policy

If you are selling products online, your ecommerce site must include an easy to find and understand Privacy Policy.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy explains how your company collects and handles the personal information of online customers.

This includes information about shoppers that you collect directly from your site through the checkout process or any opt-in forms and indirectly by monitoring customer behaviour with analytics such as click-through rates, time spent on page, interaction with different parts of your website etc.

What to include in your Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy helps ensure compliance with local, federal, and international policy laws. While the information you include in your privacy policy should go in-depth, it’s important that it is communicated in a manner that is easy to understand. This way, your average site visitor can understand your policy and their rights.

The following is a list of information that is important to disclose in your privacy policy:

  1. The kind of information you collect either directly (through any forms, checkout etc. such as emails, phone numbers etc.) or indirectly (through analytics such as unique visitors, interactions with ads etc.).

  2. The kind of information that you may collect in the future

  3. How you are collecting customer information and data

  4. How you plan on using customer information and data

  5. How third party companies such as Google Analytics and Facebook are collecting information about your customers

  6. How you plan on protecting customer data

Examples of Privacy Policies




Remember: These examples listed above are not legal advice and we always encourage customers to have legal counsel review any policy or terms on your website before publication.

How to set up your Privacy Policy on your site

To enable the Privacy Policy option:

  • Go to your store Control Panel > Settings > Legal.

  • Scroll down to Privacy Policy Page and click "Add Page" button. (If the screen has been previously accessed before, you can click the "Edit" button instead and there will also be a slider to enable this page). Also ensure that the slider is set to Green (enabled).

In the following box, enter the information you would like to display when your customer click the "Privacy Policy" option for eCommerce.

You may also use the "Specify Address of existing page" to change the URL address for this page on the website. The Page title allows you to customize the label for the clickable link that takes you to the Shipping & Payment Info.

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