How to Make a Sale

This article will guide you on how to process a sale

From the main screen click under Sell > Sales Register

Note: You may encounter the Open Cashout screen if the cashout has not been opened yet. Please follow the instructions to Open the cashout first.

The Sales screen will open and allow you to make transactions.

Optional: Adding a customer to the transaction

Click on “Search for Account or Add New”, enter the account number, or name of the customer and select the appropriate account.

After selecting a customer, the CRM tab will show the customer’s Profile which includes details such as Name, Birthday, Email, and Phone. The full customer profile can be accessed by selecting “Account Details”

The customer’s History shows their Total Sales, Total Returns, Last Sale, and their invoice history.

Adding Items to the Invoice List

You can add items to the current transaction by using the “Scan or Search for Items” field located at the top right. After clicking on the “Scan or Search for Items” field, scan the product’s barcode or type in the product title/SKU to search for a product.

When searching, a drop down list will appear with relevant results. Scroll through the results and click on the appropriate product to add it to the transaction.

Once the product has been selected, it will appear on the left in the invoice list. Continue adding the items to be purchased in this transaction.

After all products have been added to the invoice, select the green “Pay” button at the bottom to proceed to the tender screen.

Optional: Clicking on Discount, Taxes, and Shipping will show details on breakdown of pricing.

In the Tender screen you can select the tender types that will be used, and select receipt printing options. Select the tender type(s) that will be used for payment.

An Amount input box will appear defaulting with the full amount due. If the full amount is being paid with this tender type, select the green “Accept” button.

If there will be multiple tender types, adjust the amount and press “Accept”. Select the next tender type and repeat until the balance is fully paid.

Receipt Print Setup

From the Print drop down box, select either Tape Size for tape printers, or Letter size for standard printer size.

Select DONE to print receipt and finalize the invoice.

The print preview window will come up with a preview for the selected receipt size, select the correct Destination printer and press “Print”.

Congratulations, you have finalized the sale successfully. You are ready for the next transaction!

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