Cashout Settings

This guide will show you how to make general settings for your cashout.

You can select settings for general cashout settings, cashout slips, and setting a default float according to your business needs.

To access cashout settings go to Settings > Stores > Current Store.

Click on the Cashout Settings card.

Float Settings

Under General Settings you have the options to select your float. A float is the amount of cash kept in the register at opening for change due in cash sales. There are three options for float settings in your cashout:

  1. No preset Opening Float: there is no money in the cash drawer when opening the cash register.

  2. Set Next Float while closing Cashout: this option allows you to remove cash during closing cashout and automatically apply it to your next opening float.

    Note: Any cash discrepancy during the next opening will require the user to add a note.

  3. Preload Opening Float with Default Values: this option allows you to preload the denominations for your opening float everyday.

For more information click on the information icon next to the options.

In the Default Opening Float table you can set your opening float denominations by entering the amount you would like to keep in your float for each denomination. You can remove rows in the table by clicking the remove icon or add rows by clicking the Add New button. When adding a new row, you must click the amount to enter a currency denomination and then add the count.

Cashout Slip Settings

To customize your cashout slips, you can toggle between On and Off for the following settings:

  1. Add Signature Line to cashout slip: this option will add a line for a signature to the bottom the cashout slip foran added security measure to track who has done a cashout.

  2. Show System cashout values: this option will display the calculations done by the system and display them in the cashout slip.

  3. Show Over/Under cashout values: this option will display the Over/Under amounts in the cashout slip.

For more information click on the information icon next to the options.

Below is an example of what your cashout payment breakdown will look like when you enable Show System cashout values and Show Over/Under cashout values.

Below is an example of a cashout report printed with the signature line and system and actual numbers.

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